Thursday, February 1, 2007

Bittersweet Winds

Our library is fortunate to partner with our neighbor, the American Indian Center of the Fox Valley, to host the Bittersweet Winds exhibit.

This is another example of a community partnership I find exciting. Not only are we giving their exhibit a lot of exposure, while they are bringing people into the library and providing us with content, they also held their exhibit opening reception in our meeting rooms. In addition, we host the Indian Center's website on the community network (Fox Cities Online) which the library operates. And it didn't take a whole lot of staff time. This one is hitting on all cylinders for me.

Addendum, Feb. 13: we've received a complaint about the display, stating it is offensive because it decries the use of Native American names as sports mascots. I can understand why Native Americans find this practice offensive. I can understand that there is a point of view stating that no offense was intended, therefore no offense should be taken -- though this strikes me as insensitive. It's harder to understand why someone would be offended by thew statement that other people felt offended. Well, at least we're talking. Except that the complaint was anonymous!

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