Wednesday, February 6, 2008

BlogJunction: 10 Ways to Make Your Library Great

I've been enjoying BlogJunction's series of ten postings following up on the "10 Ways to Make Your Library Great in 2008" webinar. The postings and original presentation are from Ed Rossman, Interim Branch Manager for the Bertram Woods branch of the Shaker Heights Public Library and author of Castles Against Ignorance: How to Make Libraries Great Educational Environments. Good ideas, some tips on 2.0 tools -- worth reading and discussing.

  1. Use Technology
  2. Continuously Train
  3. Polish Your Comportment
  4. Reduce Clutter (yeah, I know)
  5. Handle Noise
  6. Handle Conflict - a good follow-up to our recent "Black Belt Librarians" discussion
  7. Have a Plan
  8. Develop Partnerships
  9. Create Great Programming
  10. Build Staff Camaraderie

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