Monday, April 28, 2008

Building slideshow & next steps

Slides from the presentation by Durrant with Himmel & Wilson at the April 23 "Town Hall" meeting on facility needs.

slides 1-44 -- historical context, results of surveys and focus groupsslides 45-93 -- form and function in light of the library mission statement, with a look at relevant trends in library design
The consultants also asked the more than sixty audience members for any particular suggestions or ideas to include in the process, as well as for criteria to evaluate options. The latter is also an assignment to the members of the committee working with the consultants. Library Board and Foundation Board members, a City Council member, and Library and City staff are all challenged to list top criteria by which building design options should be measured. My (preliminary) list:
  1. Functional: designed with the user in mind, the building should work efficiently and provide the staff the ability to work efficiently
  2. Welcoming, comfortable, inviting, attractive
  3. Location appropriate to users with adequate parking & accessibility
  4. Sufficient appropriate spaces for a variety of users: children, teens, adult readers, researchers, large & small groups
  5. Sufficient appropriate spaces for collections with flexibility for the future
Using feedback gathered to date, Durrant architects will begin doing some space designs and then develop several concepts, guided by criteria from the community as well as their own experience and knowledge of library design. They will bring these conceptual ideas to the next public meeting, 6:30 PM on May 28.

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