Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Governing: "Revolution in the Stacks"

Retiring Guy (aka Middleton Public Library Director Paul Nelson) points out a great article in this month's issue of Governing magazine. "Revolution in the Stacks" emphasizes the need for public libraries to serve a teen clientèle, but along the way, it touches on a lot of issues. Certainly many of them are relevant for our community:
  • increasing library use
  • changes brought about by technology
  • the continuing digital divide
  • opportunities for shared media production facilities
  • changes in library design, including models from retail
  • public libraries as "the third place"
  • library 2.0 as a means of developing interactive, client-centered services.
This is familiar stuff to readers of this blog and to those who have followed the reports from our library facility consultants. Sounds like our consulting team is right on the money, with respect to national trends and best practices.

The Governing article is worth reading for librarians & trustees -- the municipal officials in the magazines may already be reading it, so it's an opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the opportunities libraries have to become a "third place." We've been witnessing that happening right here at Appleton. Unfortunately our current building isn't geared toward that type of use and I think we haven't maximized that potential yet because of the restrictions of the building. One important aspect of becoming a "third place" is being a place where people really WANT to be. Its the thing that lures them away from their home or office - gives them a chance to change scenery. However, there is major competition from commercial businesses to become that place too. I think the library has a good chance of being preferred over a business as there isn't pressure to purchase to use it and using the library will also make them feel more connected to their community. That means considering our "third placers" in any future design.