Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pat Horn, Circulation Clerk, receives Courtesy Award

Pat Horn, left, with random cybrarian and Rotary Courtesy Award presenter Barbara Kelly
Pat Horn was one of the recipients of this year's Courtesy Award from the Appleton Downtown Rotary. She was nominated by Terry Bergen, who wrote:
I am a frequent patron of the Appleton Public Library because I am in two book clubs. The library becomes more and more heavily used every day and the line at the circulation desk is always long. I am always surprised to notice the good humor and gracious helpfulness of the circulation staff at the check-out desk, regardless of the conditions. Patrons will often get angry or rude for reasons beyond the control of the staff such as an overdue book fine or a lost book fee. The circulation staff serve thousands of people every day at the checkout desk, processing more than 1.5 million items every year. One individual I noticed in particular is an exceptional provider of customer service. I described this person to the Circulation Supervisor at the library who gave me her name, Pat Horn. The Circulation Supervisor also endorsed Pat as the outstanding member of her team because of her caring and attentive customer service.

Pat (Patricia) Horn is particularly worthy of the Courtesy Award because she warmly welcomes everyone who approaches the checkout desk at the library and:
  • listens to patrons' concerns
  • is able to communicate and enforce library rules, procedures, and policies in a way that informs without offending
  • makes everyone, from all walks of life, feel like this is his or her library
  • never has a bad day
  • never gets rattled
  • will drop everything and look throughout the library for something a patron wants so that they leave knowing she did everything she could do to find what he wanted
This award reflects particularly well on Pat, who has a great gift for service, cares deeply, and applies her heart and mind to doing a good job for our patrons. But it also reflects well on the whole terrific crew at our Circ Desk.

Thanks to Library Trustee Terry Bergen for taking note and submitting the nomination. Thanks to the Rotary for making this award. But especially, congratulations & thanks, Pat!
from left: Brian Kopetsky, Terry Dawson, Colleen Rortvedt, Pat Horn, Vicki Lenz


musicman said...

Pat Horn is definitely the most customer service-oriented person I've ever had the pleasure to meet! Nice photos...I wonder who took them? Hmmm... : )

me said...

Pat certainly deserves this, and I've made similar comments to my coworkers. Having her working across from the Info Desk is always a nice opportunity to observe her constant kindness.

Anonymous said...

I've been away from work and so only saw this now. I am so happy that Pat was recognized for her excellent customer service skills. She also gives great internal customer service. She is always helping coworkers with their off desk tasks and keeps data entry up to date. She is a treasure, and a pleasure to work with!