Friday, August 7, 2009

Awesome teens

Today we had the wrap-up party for our teen summer program. Over 300 teens participated in the program (though fortunately for the pizza budget, not all attended the wrap-up), attending programs, writing book reviews, poetry and other creative reactions to YA literature.

Thanks to our Friends and Foundation, we had some great prizes to offer. Winners included:
  • Barnes and Noble Gift card — Alex Reis
  • RC Helicopter — Shuri Rajan
  • Flip digital camcorder — Edreena Sampson
  • Gift Card Variety Pack — Sami Barnett
  • HP Mini Netbook — Alan Bohnert
And at the party teens consumed mass quantities of pizza and snacks, played games and just had fun hanging at the library. As they did all summer, a small herd of teen volunteers kept things together for us, following the leadership of our amazing YA staff. A splendid time was had by all ... and school starts soon.

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