Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Edna Ferber Returning from Eternity

Robert Heinlein noted that "all ... bureaucracies consist of a Surprise Party Department, a Practical Joke Department, and a Fairy Godmother department." I think all three departments must have been working overtime to generate the item that landed in my mailbox yesterday.

In a large envelope from Italy, I received a poster of original art in crayon and mixed media, a letter and a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM included more artwork, plus what look like vacation photos. All of these come from an Italian artist and poet, Francesco Martin, of the Universalsheets Network (here's an imperfect English version). The letter strains my comprehension. The art, which is a decent and lively piece, is a portrait of an angelic Edna Ferber, and I can only assume we received it since our library has done a lot with our Ferber website.

What can I say but "Grazie, Signor Martin!" ?

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