Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Local RSS feeds

RSS feeds are multiplying. Though our library uses them internally, and our consortial catalog InfoSoup uses them for Bookletters' feeds, our library does not use them publicly. The market would appear to suggest we should look at it as a means of service delivery. Like anything, we sholdn't do it because it's trendy, but should consider what it would offer our customers. Is it an effective service? Ann Arbor District Library and the Topeka Shawnee County Library are both doing wonderful things in this area.

It's great how changes in webpages can be sent out as feeds to aggregators. Here's some feeds from our local community -- library and non-library -- in my feed list over at Bloglines:

General local interest
Internal to our library or system (as development & collaborative tools):
  • Appleton Public Library Policies
  • InfoSoup Development Blog
  • APL Wiki
  • New on the APL Intranet
My own personal feeds:
  • Hopeful Travellers - personal blog
  • my Flickr photos
  • the New Cybrary - this library blog
Off the wall technology just for fun:
  • Technorama - (and the associated podcast) from guru Chuck Tomasi
Our local newspaper's feeds:
  • The Appleton Post-Crescent Breaking News
  • The Appleton Post-Crescent Latest Headlines
  • Odds and Ends worth a listen (podcast)
  • Columns by Dan Flannery Podcast (podcast)
  • Weekend Preview Podcast (podcast)
My church's sermons even have a podcast feed - accessible on an iPod or right in Bloglines:
  • Appleton (FVUUF) Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Fox Valley WI (podcast)
This is one of my preferred methods for getting news and staying current. What's the potential for our library services?

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