Friday, November 9, 2007

Information R/evolution

Thanks to Tasha Saecker of the Menasha Library & Sites and Soundbytes for pointing out this one! Another good one from Michael Wesch in Digital Ethnography at Kansas State U. -- similar to his "The Machine Is Us/ing Us".


empty1 said...

Just loved it.
In october I went to an MIT presentation of a Congress for Technological Education in Puerto Rico. They presented something almost identical to this video. Was that yours too? Is it the same one?
I loved it. Almost a Bergman experimental movie. Great subject, well done

Terry Dawson said...

Not sure what MIT was showing in Puerto Rico. This is not the first video that I've linked to that originated with Michael Wesch at Kansas State U. -- his "The Machine Is Us/ing Us" is another favorite that I've used with our staff & Board.

Try searching "Michael Wesch" on YouTube and you'll find a number of really interesting pieces. You can see his website here.