Monday, December 31, 2007

A Library Director's Resolutions for 2008

Contemplating work and the future at the turning of the year, it's a good time to remember core values -- education, access to ideas, sharing information -- and think about how to live them. It's a good time to remember the "habits of highly effective librarians": Openness, Responsiveness, Collaboration, Communication.

Resolutions for the next year:
  1. Lead, but abide the process
    Balance a good sense of direction with a lack of prejudice. Articulate vision and plans and work to make them happen, but remember I don't have all the answers or a lock on truth.

  2. "The kids are alright"
    Seek ways to continue nurturing our library's staff, at all levels, through supporting training & innovative ideas. Support scholarship programs for future librarians.

  3. Think long range
    Remember it's not about getting things done on any arbitrary timetable, it's getting the right things done for long-term best interests. Events have their own timetable, but...

  4. "Go forth boldly in the direction of your dreams" or "Toujours l'audace"
    Remember that library advocacy starts by having the courage of convictions and being willing to speak up.

  5. Open door, open mind
    Keep cultivating radical transparency and be accessible, as well as demonstrably willing to change, when warranted, based on what I hear.

  6. Be open to creative partnerships in the community.
    There are people out there that would be happy to work with the library. We just have to tell them our story and listen to their needs.

  7. Have fun and keep learning
    'Nuff said.

  8. Get out of the box, literally
    Get out of the library, think about things other than work. Opportunities and ideas are out there. Spending more time with family wouldn't be bad, either.
Happy New Year!

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