Monday, April 7, 2008

Library staff "play more, learn more, fear less."

Project Play has come to its planned end. Even as I heard library leaders at the PLA conference encouraging more places to emulate the "23 things" library curriculum, a big chunk of Wisconsin was doing it and wrapping up this eight month effort. Part of what I learned is a model for an effective online training program for staff -- one that works even for part-time people who have trouble fitting regular classes into their schedules. Two groups I want to thank and acknowledge:
  • Project Play leaders from three library systems, OWLS, South Central, & Winnefox. All three of these systems devoted a lot of time and effort to helping member library staff learn. A special thanks to our fearless leaders: Beth Carpenter, Jean Anderson, Stef Morrill & Joy Schwarz. They seriously rock!
  • All the staff hare at Appleton Public Library who got involved. Most finished both semesters, though some, like me, did only part -- due to limited enrollments and other time commitments. I loved it that people from all parts of the library, and at all pay grades, participated. Big kudos to everyone who worked at it, including:
    • Judy Abitz
    • Kathy Beck
    • Kathy Berholtz
    • Carole DeJardin
    • Kathy Dreyer
    • Elizabeth Eisen
    • Melody Hanson
    • Sharon Harp
    • Ellen Jepson
    • Barbara Kelly
    • Brian Kopetsky
    • Sue Kempf
    • Vicki Lenz
    • Katie Scullion
    • Kay Shearier
    • Meg Shriver
    • Lisa Smith
    • Maureen Ward
    • Julie Weyenberg
    • Kristie Wilson
I know it's not always easy to take time out of our way-too-busy schedules to learn, especially new and intimidating things. But the Project Play leaders broke it up into bite-size pieces and offered hand-holding -- and the many participants explored fearlessly and learned. Way to go!

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