Thursday, September 11, 2008

Library Card Sign-up Month / The Smartest Card

Our friends at the OWLSnet shared automation network have just posted the following on their "What's Simmering?" blog for our InfoSoup shared catalog:
The Smartest Card

A library card is the smartest card you can carry, and September is Library Card Sign-up Month! This national campaign was started in 1987 to meet the challenge of then Secretary of Education William J. Bennett who said: "every child should obtain a library card - and use it." Since that time, thousands of public and school libraries join this effort to ensure every child does just that.

InfoSoup is celebrating this event with our "Shhhhh... They're in the library" posters. Maybe you've seen them around your community? Here are the pdfs if you'd like to see the complete set: Farmer, Family, Youth, Young Professional. If you're a library supporter, please feel free to print some and post them around your workplace, church, and/or other places you frequent in your community to help us spread the word.

Make sure your family and friends have the smartest card of all and sign up for a library card during September! If you'd like to share your stories about how your library card helps you, please feel free to post them in the comments.
For my money, a library card is the best back-to-school supply a parent can provide their child -- and it's free!

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