Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Library Rebooted

There's a very worthwhile article for librarians and library supporters in the Spring 2009 issue of Strategy + Business. The article, "The Library Rebooted" has a good overview of changes in library services, a good section on the relevance of public community libraries, a section on digital challenges for research libraries, an excellent sidebar on "Why Libraries Are Good Investments", and Seven Imperatives for Library Leadership, including:
  1. Rethink the operating model
  2. Understand and respond to user needs
  3. Embrace the concept of continuous innovation
  4. Forge a digital identity
  5. Connect with stakeholders in ways pure Internet companies cannot
  6. Expand the metrics
  7. Be courageous
Thanks to Tom Corsmeier for the heads-up on some good reading!

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waltc said...

Terry: Thanks for the post. I've added brief notes from the article to Reflections on library leadership in the PALINET Leadership Network.