Thursday, March 1, 2007

Goals for the Director

Tasha Saecker on Sites & Soundbytes has posted an excellent think piece on "Library Director 2.0". The piece bears reading in full, and contemplation.

Highlights -- each of which Tasha thoughtfully elucidates:
  • Less hierarchy more flexibility
  • Trust staff – no micromanagement
  • Transparency
  • Involve all levels of staff in conversation
  • Explain decisions fully and honestly
  • Create a structure that supports quick decision making and implementation
  • Train staff and encourage them to learn and share knowledge
  • Allow play time with technology
  • Offer structures for feedback; staff blogs, department forums, etc.
There are lots of things here for me to work on! Many of them are "2.0" mostly by virtue of renewed interest and visibility of interactive processes under the 2.0 paradigm. But back in the day, we called a lot of this "participatory management" or "Theory X." Nonetheless, in this job one needs frequent management self-examinations and reality checks. This is a good one.

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Derek said...


Thanks for this post! I spent a lot of the weekend thinking about the concept of Library Director 2.0 (although the terminology just came to me this morning), and wondering whether anyone had already coined the phrase.

I'm glad you wrote this, and I think you've summarized the concept quite nicely. It's always handy when someone else can summarize my thoughts in advance of me even thinking them.

I actually think this concept may be worthy of a blog of its own... I'm going to keep digging around to see what's out there, and perhaps I'll start one myself if I can't find a forum for 2.0 directors to share with each other.