Friday, March 2, 2007

Things are the same all over this small world

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2007年03月01日15:19 [我来说两句] [字号:大 中 小]

  题目:Contain public libraries is a waste of money, because computer technology is already replaced its function. Do you agree or disagree?

  范文:While this statement is true for most of generations as they are easy to find relevant web articles, they do need the knowledge for goofing (internet surfing) to be able to search the information in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. However, imagine that one neither have computer skill nor IT knowledge, this statement may be too harsh for them.

  The main purpose for a public library is not only borrowing books but also to serve the community’s needs, such as, book club, read hard copy of magazines and newspapers, senior’s getting together. This benefit provides by the public libraries in our society should not be underestimated.

  The computer technology has no doubt at all replaced most of function, that is, we can read books from the academic database; newspapers and publishes from almost everywhere, this means that we do not need many hard copies and environment friendly for the earth. However I am not so much convinced that public libraries can replace other functions that we need other than providing information or books.

  The important issue we need to recognize is that there are not many population who can use computer to serve their needs, and even may not afford to own a computer. Some of them are using the public libraries for reading the large print books; others are coming to relax for reading magazines with friends; and the others may just come for a cool spot in a hot summer.

  Governments in the world are trying to improve nations’ lifestyle in every aspects, in this case, how can it be satisfactory to say that take away a public library by replacing a computer is improving our quality life. (282 words)

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