Friday, January 11, 2008

Acknowledging our staff

Steppin' out: 2008 honorees Elizabeth, Kathleen, Kay, Jeanette, Pat

Once a year, we have a small get-together for staff and honor those who reached milestone anniversaries the year before. For my part, I wish we could do more every day to express appreciation for the caring hard-working folks that make up the library.

Lots more people go to libraries than go to professional sports events -- though we sell fewer ads. The people that provide service in our building are touching many hundreds of lives every day: inspiring children, helping businesses, providing resources for life-long learners, and giving access to an incredible range of cultural and information resources. Whether working at a service desk or a story hour, checking out, shelving, cleaning bathrooms, or slogging though committee meetings, our people make up a team that makes a difference.

So every year, we have some cake and hand out thanks and gift certificates to those who hit those service milestones (5, 10, 15, etc. years as benefited staff). Our "Kudos & Kares" and "Staff Development" committees do a good job of putting on a nice event. It's a humbling experience and a privilege to be part of this company.

Thank you!

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