Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Project Play: Remember the Milk & Jott

These tools are cool, cute, well done and flexible. I may never use them again. I already have this mostly covered with my palm Treo, a phone which shares my calendar contacts, data files and to do list with web-accessible desktop Outlook and others at the library. Do I need more lists and reminders?

My phone already lets me blog or send messages. Still, it's kind of cool to blog via speech to text phone call. This entry was sent through Jott. listen

Powered by Jott

[Afterword: Jott is phone based reminders and speech conversion to text for messaging. Remember the Milk is a web-based to do list, which can be used collaboratively. The above posting required drastic simplification and editing to fit into Jott's 30 seconds per message maximum.

Both these services are easy to use. Both are in Beta, which makes one wonder if they will graduate to requiring some fees down the road. One thing I really liked about
Remember the Milk was its slick integration with Google calendar. It would also be good for collaborative project to do lists with a disparate group of folks. For my current purposes, they're marginal, but worth knowing about.]

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