Monday, February 11, 2008

Grace for the library

Rev. Will Bloedow asked for grace at our annual "I Love My Library" foundation fund raising dinner:
God of Creation,

We gather together on this cold night to to warm our lives in the presence of each other, to fill our mouths and ears with words of conversation.

To fill our hearts with joy and give thanks for the gift of a library which encourages all to fill their lives with knowledge and a sense of community.

We gather mindful of the past, excited in the present and anticipating a future which promises the passing on of knowledge and understanding to those who follow after us.

Yet especially on this cold night we are mindful of those who are cold, hungry and alone and suffering an emptiness of knowledge and spirit. May we, who are lovers of libraries and people, give welcome and hope and meaning to all who enter the library to open a book, a newspaper or a computer screen ... so that they may reach the heights of their potential.

Bless our time together, our food and our lives as we continue to serve humankind.


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