Monday, February 18, 2008

Wikiality exalted & politicized

Public libraries, among other things, are all about free access to ideas. Thus this story on Slashdot "Wikileaks under fire" is of interest:
The transparency group currently seems to be under heavy fire. The main DNS entry is unavailable, reportedly due to a restraining order relating to a series of articles and documents released by WikiLeaks about off-shore trust structures in the Cayman Islands. The WikiLeaks whistle blower, allegedly former vice president of the Cayman Islands branch of swiss bank Julius Baer, states in the WikiLeaks documents that the bank supported tax evasion and money laundering by its clients from around the world. WikiLeaks alternate names remained available until Saturday, when there seems to have been a heavy DDoS attack and a fire at the ISP. The documents in question are still available on other WikiLeaks sites, such as, and are also mirrored on Cryptome. Details of the court documents have also been made available.
A wiki for whistle blowing? Can it survive and be credible?

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