Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Read a swimsuit ad -- go to jail

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that a Saukville librarian contacted the Department of Corrections to report that a patron was using the Internet to look at pictures of models wearing hosiery and swimsuits. The patron, James Lala, was sentenced to three years for his library Internet use.

The patron was to go to trial on child pornography charges, and was already on probation after serving time on other child pornography. He was violating the terms of his probation, a condition of which was that he not go on the Internet. A key sentence in the article:
The librarian was familiar with Lala because he had been kicked out of the Saukville and Port Washington libraries numerous times after patrons complained of him viewing objectionable material.
Unfortunate, but this was the right thing to do; patron privacy doesn't extend to the right to defy the law -- even to look at a swimsuit ad. I'm surprised they even let him into the library.

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