Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009

Provocative as usual, Prof. Michael Stephens has written a lengthy, dense, and intense posting on "Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009." His list was obviously assembled over time and with great detail, including implications for libraries and for library education. Full of examples including nuggets and head-scratchers, this is recommended reading for library planners, technologists and marketers. Noted trends include:
  • The Ubiquity of the Cloud
  • The Changing role of IT
  • The Value of the Commons
  • The Promise of Micro-Interaction
  • The Care & Nurturing of the Tribe
  • The triumph of the Portable Device
  • The importance of Personalization
  • The impact of Localization
  • The evolution of the Digital lifestyle
  • The shift toward Open Thinking
Stephens concludes by deriving:
Five Related Things We Just Can’t Ignore in Libraries:
  • Privacy
  • The Environment
  • The Nature of Information
  • Generation C
  • Telling Our Story Well to Funding Bodies
Download a PDF of Michael Stephens' entire "Tame the Web" post here.

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