Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yes, we're here for you.

Our December circulation was up 10.3% from the previous December -- we circ'd over 106,000 items. It's not like our use had been going down, but now it's really up. Yesterday, there was a story in the Wisconsin State Journal, As the economy goes down, traffic at the library goes up and today's Boston Globe had an op-ed piece The library - a recession sanctuary, which noted:
"Libraries are shining so brightly in this recession, the nation's politicians - from Obama to the mayors - must keep their lights flickering."
We're thankful for the local support from the community and our elected officials -- and for media attention. The State Journal article got me a radio interview on WHBY and a visit from a TV crew.The embedded video player from, Channel 5, has several stories. To view Angenette Levy's Jan. 2 story about APL, either cycle through the stories or click on the picture of the library bookshelf in the lower menu bar.

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