Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Great books, great technology: CCBC@APL

We're lucky at our library in many ways. First, here in Wisconsin, we have a great resource in the University of Wisconsin's CCBC (Cooperative Children's Book Center) -- an authoritative and helpful information source for children's & YA literature.

Second, we have a great library system, OWLS (Outagamie Waupaca Library System), which brought us the CCBC road show as a continuing education program for area libraries. OWLS is also using an LSTA grant to help member libraries develop new technology applications, including vodcasting. Beth Carpenter posted this video of the CCBC presentation on their 'Casting @ OWLS blog. See the episode archive for all the parts. Now even children's and young adult librarians as far away as Virginia can benefit from the CCBC presentation.


Gillian said...

I've been telling you that their fantasy choices were worth reading. Last Apprentice, Ranger's Apprentice, Percy Jackson, and Gregor are all great.

Terry Dawson said...

Yes, ma'am. When I finish the eight other things I'm reading -- actually, some of these are already on my list. In the meantime, I just think it's cool that, thanks to OWLS, you don't HAVE to live in Wisconsin to enjoy CCBC presentations (though it helps).