Thursday, June 19, 2008


Over 100 people attended a June 18 library presentation on "Moving Toward Sustainable Communities", presented by Sara James and Torbjorn Lahti, authors of The Natural Step for Communities. Among other things, the book discusses how some municipalities operate their government without fossil fuels. The publisher has a good web page that provides background on the book and authors.

The program was co-sponsored by:
Since Torbjorn was here from Sweden, and the the two authors would lead a "Conference on Sustainability: Balancing People, Planet and Profit" for 130 public officials and business leaders the next day, it was a real joy to be able to provide a free public program of this this caliber and relevance. If people weren't thinking about sustainability issues before, $4 a gallon for gas may have gotten some thinking started.

It was great to partner with a local issue-oriented coalition and a business to make this happen. Public libraries should foster more such partnerships and more such discussions.

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Gillian said...

Scandinavia is great at alternative energy sources. Solar, geothermic, and wind power are very popular. In Denmark, you can see vast fields of windmills creating electricity. The city of Haderslev, Denmark, burns trash to create power. According to Mental_Floss, since 1997 the Swedish city Helsingborg has been using power supplied by local crematoriums to heat to 10% of the cities homes.

And if using alternative energy isn't enough, the Scandinavian countries (along with most parts of Europe) simply have less of a demand for oil. Bikes and public transportation are widely used, with good bike lanes, and reliable and affordable buses and trains going between the countries.

There's a nice article here on Denmark and their greenness.