Sunday, June 15, 2008

Library ties for Father's Day

Lots of articles in today's papers about the demise of the necktie. It seems the prevalence of casual day is making the tie obsolete. I did not get a necktie for Father's Day this year -- got a spiffy digital picture frame instead, but I have a pretty nice collection of neckties. Many of them, as shown above, are literary or art or music oriented -- good ties for a librarian. Happy Father's Day to all the library dads out there!

Some have said that librarians and clowns are the only ones who still wear bow ties. Alas, I have no bow ties. Nor inflatable shoes.


Anonymous said...

Who ever said that is a liar, I wear them exclusively and am neither a librarian nor a clown. I hae sen them quite often recently amoung politicians, news corrispondence and other famed persons al well as men I come into contact with throughout my day.

Terry Dawson said...

I tend to think the person who said that was thoughtless and/or flippant rather than deceitful. My repeating it was certainly flippant. But I take your point; no slight was intended.